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All about You!

  • YOU decide on the levels of contribution which you make (subject to certain minimums)
  • YOU are choosing the Funds to be invested in
  • YOU do the research on what level of risk you are prepared to take
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Invest and Save underwritten by Eagle Star Life Assurance Company of Ireland Limited

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Execution Only Service

The service provided on this site is what is referred to as an Execution Only Service. You do not receive any advice on the Product or the funds that are available here.

If you are not comfortable with making investment decisions, which are appropriate to your risk profile, then you will need some guidance. You can avail of free information on or you can pay a Financial Advisor a fee to assist you with your research.

You can then purchase your low cost savings, investment or pension product on discounted sites like this.

A 10,000 investment, combined with regular savings of 100 per month invested with "" will save you 1,500 in charges, over a 10 year period, compared with a typical Bank Assurer product, assuming a 6% growth rate before tax.

Making it easy for you!

  • Invest and Save makes it easy for you to invest in diversified portfolios of unit-linked funds by Markets or Sectors.
  • Individual stock selection is left to the Investment Manager or Index Tracker
  • There are no 'Headline' Fund Charges. All funds have an Annual Management Charge of 1%
  • There are no initial or full encashment charges
  • You will have Web Access to your Investment Account
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